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the dreampreneur: networking event

An exclusive gathering for entrepreneurs to network, collaborate, and elevate each other 

Embodied within its name, The Dreampreneur captures the transformative journey from dreaming to doing that entrepreneurs go through. 


This unique gathering is designed to empower the next generation of business leaders by providing a platform to connect, support each other, and grow together. This in-person event will provide invaluable networking opportunities tailored for entrepreneurs who are either in the early stages of their business ventures or seasoned entrepreneurs.


Throughout the evening, you will have the opportunity to network and gain valuable insights from our guest speakers to help you navigate the exciting path of entrepreneurship. You will also have the opportunity to give an elevator pitch to the audience!

Refreshments will be served. Join us at The Drempreneur: Networking Event, where dreams meet action, ideas fuse with inspiration, and connections pave the way for success!

Event details

When: Saturday May 25th, 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Where: Casa D'Italia (1-minute walk from the Jean-Talon metro station)

Admission fee: $20 early bird, $25 regular price, $30 day of event (plus fees and taxes)

Why attend:

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Networking: Network with other entrepreneurs and meet like-minded professionals. 


Opportunity to pitch your business: Several attendees will be selected to give a 60-second elevator pitch to the audience. This is a great opportunity to promote your business!

Gain insights: Our guest speakers will share valuable tips to help you on your entrepreneurial journey. As entrepreneurs, we never stop learning.

Prizes: There will be great prizes to be won for those who pitch their business.

Live entertainment: There will be two performances during the evening.


Refreshments: Pizza and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided - because who doesn't like pizza!?

Event details



Catherine Bertrand

Catherine Bertrand

Classical Pianist



Stand-Up Comic

Hosted by:

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Sponsored by:

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Become a sponsor

Join us in empowering and connecting dreamers, innovators, and entrepreneurs. The Drempreneur: Networking Event aims to foster collaboration, inspire ideas, and support the entrepreneurial spirit in our community.


By becoming a sponsor, you'll not only help bring this vision to life but also gain valuable exposure to a diverse group of professionals, startups, and thought leaders.


Reach out to us and let us know how you'd like to be involved!

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